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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in Tampa is essential, considering the abundance of beautiful days perfect for beach or pool outings. With swimsuit season being year-round, unwanted hair can hinder one's confidence. Fortunately, this treatment offers a safe and long-lasting solution.


To explore your options further, schedule a consultation at our practice where you can meet laser specialist, Melinda McAlees. She will provide comprehensive information about services at the 3 time award winning spa in the Tampa Bay.


Many individuals often desire to rid themselves of excess or embarrassing body hair.


If you're bothered by unsightly hair on your face, back, or bikini area, this treatment offers a solution to eliminate such concerns. Additionally, you might consider removing hair from other commonly shaved areas, such as the legs or armpits.


With this treatment, unwanted hair can be effectively removed from virtually any part of the body.


During your consultation prior to the procedure, we'll discuss the specific areas of your body you wish to address. On the day of your scheduled appointment, the targeted area for hair removal will be prepared to ensure optimal results. This preparation includes thorough cleansing of the area and application of a special lotion designed to enhance the absorption of energy from the laser by the hair follicle.


The appropriate energy settings for the laser will be determined individually, considering factors such as the pigmentation level of your skin and hair, as well as the sensitivity of the targeted area. Once the ideal intensity level is established, the laser will be directed at the root of your hair follicles. Darker hair tends to absorb more energy from the laser compared to lighter hair due to differences in pigmentation. The energy emitted by the laser results in the permanent elimination of a portion of the hair follicles.


A series of nine treatments is typically required to effectively target hairs in their 'inactive' growth phase and achieve desired results.


The duration of the procedure varies based on the size of the targeted area. Smaller areas can be completed in a few minutes, while larger areas may require an hour or more. Some discomfort, often likened to the sensation of snapping a rubber band on the skin, may be experienced during the procedure. To alleviate this, topical anesthetic can be applied.


The effectiveness of the treatment may be influenced by your natural hair and skin pigmentation levels. Individuals with higher pigmentation levels can absorb more laser energy, making the treatment more effective, especially for those with dark hair. Patience and realistic expectations are important throughout the process.


After the procedure, mild swelling or redness may occur, typically resolving within a few hours without lasting discomfort. Over the following weeks, treated hair will detach from the follicle and naturally shed. It's advised to avoid tanning before and after laser hair removal. In Tampa, many patients choose to return annually to Melinda for follow-up treatments as needed.

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